Best Blu-ray Player In 2017

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Blu-ray player might be not too popular like we see in few past years, but it is still a good media player for the source or our media entertainment. They still their own marketing even though we already have so many similar products such as Apple TV or Amazon Roku which are cheaper and they are having more functionality with their online streaming services. One of the bad things that they are not able to do is streaming 4K video and that is what Blu-ray is better for this case. Now I am going to show some of my recommendations that might be your best choice.

Panasonic DMP BDT360

For its expensive price tag, the product is working really well on handling any 4K video. The upscaling result is very smooth and I don’t see any jagged images. This one is probably the best one for playing 4K video. But a good one is also having some other stuff that need to be considered. First the remote control is pretty bad with the lacks of button and the second one is the app which is very limited and almost all of them are not interested to see. Well, that is your choice on deciding.

Cambridge Audio CXU

You probably know that Cambridge is really famous with their audio product. You have to know that they also have some good choices on Blu-ray player. They are staying with their good images on good audio quality with this one. The audio quality and video processing are really good. The sounds are clear and powerful. I tried to play some high res video and it could handle it easily without any lag. The only thing that you must think it twice is the price itself which is very expensive.

Sony UHP-H1

You need a cheap one to consider, and then Sony UHP-H1 is better than anything that we can find on the market. The player is one of their earliest versions, but it doesn’t mean the player is that bad. One thing that most people love is the audio quality that feels so powerful and having great clearance. It’s sad to see that it’s not supported for 4K video, but that the price that we must have for its cheap price.

Samsung BD H6500

Samsung is coming with their own operating system for this product. Its having many choices for the application and the 4K upscaling is also another thing that makes it greats. The performance might be similar to other one, but their clean interface making it feels so good on selecting the file.


How To Stream Of Your PS4 Games To Your Laptop

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One of the coolest features that Sony brings to their system is the ability to stream any game that you want to your favorite gadget.  You could stream it to your PS Vita, but I personally do not like it since the Vita display is too small and it lacks the R1 and L1 buttons. This is where laptop is really shine because it is flexible and having much larger screen.  Most of games are actually available on the Windows, but it would take great specs in order to run it and buying a gaming laptop is not that cheap. If you think that your laptop is crappy enough to run of newer games, then you could try this one. Is it no matter if it’s a video editing laptops or even a convertible one, as long as you have enough specs, you could do it on your system.  Be make sure to upgrade the firmware of your PS4 to the latest and you also have to know the maximum resolution is 720p. So, now let’s we go to the steps.

Firmware Requirement

One thing that you should do here is checking the firmware of your PS4 and makes sure that it is on 3.50 firmware, if not then you have to update it by yourself.  Do not worry because of the process is easy to do. You just have to connect of your system to the internet and then the pop up message would be show up that asks you if you want to upgrade it to the latest.  If you don’t see any pop up message and then you need to go to the setting and pick system software update.

The system would now find the latest version is available and you would see some messages that show you if the system is successfully upgrade. Then, go back to the setting and pick the system. See if the firmware version is different or already upgrade.  If it’s on 3.50 or more it means that you are ready to the next step.

Check Your Laptop

The next thing that you need to do is to make sure that your laptop is fulfilling the requirement to run the app.  You have to at least have 2.67 GHZ processor and RAM for at least 2GB to make the app run smoothly. Be aware not to try to run it if your system is not meet up the specifications because it will be bad for your laptop. You could go with smartphone which is having lower specs for this case.

Install The App

After checking of your system, then you have to head to the remote play website and then download the app. The application is available on 2 versions. The first one is for Windows and the second one is for Mac. Do not pick the wrong version because it will never run on your system.

Set Up

Now you already have everything that you need to stream of your games. The last thing that you have to do is enable the remote play feature on your PS4 and you are ready to go. Make sure you also pick your original account and set the resolution to the 720p.  The process need a very good internet connection so make sure that there is gadget that is connected to your WIFI. You will face some lags if there is a problem on your connection.

You need to know that most games are not going to be worked, especially for the older games. There is nothing we can unless we wait for the update from the developer of the game.  That is the only thing that we can do now, but i am sure that most of newer games are working really well. I have tested persona 5 and Uncharted and both of them are working really well.

I never thought that Sony could bring something great like this one. I probably do not have much time to play it on TV because my kids use it the entire time. I have to wait them for going to sleep, so I could use the TV for playing games. I do not have to worry anymore because I can do it anywhere at my home as long as it’s connected to the internet. It would be great for many people like me.  There are some limitations that we can find here, but at least Sony is already giving a great effort on bringing the feature. They promised that they would add more feature and more performance on the application. One thing that I really want is the support for older games and I really want to see it on their newer updates. Well, I guess we just have to wait for now.


Choosing A Perfect Home Theater For Media entertainment

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home theater

Well, you don’t have to be really familiar or good with something in order to pick the right product for your needs. The only thing that we need to do is choosing the one that suit with our need and the purpose or the usage. After that we could also determine about the price or how much of money that you want to spend. One of good media entertainment which is available now is probably the home theater. It’s good for playing music and movies. We just need to power it on and it will be ready to play anything that we want, but there are too many of them and you probably need some guidance for picking any good one. So, you can follow these guides and it might be helpful for you.

Size Is Matter

For the TV itself is having many choices and sizes. Pick any size that you want as long as it fits with your pocket and your space. For playing movies, 40 to 50 inches is good enough as it is not big or small enough. This one is not pretty tough and I guess you already have TV at your room, so you don’t need to really consider about this one.

Sound System

There are types that we can afford. The first one is wireless or bluetooth and the second is wired. Many of them are having different power or the performance and you really have to be wised here because the sounds might not too boomy for yourself. Considering the size of your room might be important since it would make impact to your choice.

Media Players

Any media players standard will easily work, but if you want to play your movies on full HD or even 4K, then you have to spend more for this case. Some of them are giving us not only as offline players, but they also give us online streaming services that sometimes really helpful for us. Choose the one who has a WIFI connection, so it would be easier to connect it to the internet and stream any movies. if you decided to go offline, then there are so much choices of Blu-ray players that are available very cheap right now.

That is everything that might be possible to think if you want to build or choose your own home theater. You just have to spend of your busy time a little and you are going to have the best one that suit to your needs.



Some Benefits of Android besides the Other Os

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Nowadays, android becomes one of the great choice when people want to renew their smartphone. We all know that there are another kind of OS of the smartphone besides android but here android still becomes the favorite of many people. In this occasion, we will talk about some benefits of android besides the other OS of the smartphone. The kind of benefit can be the reason why you need to choose it as your favorite. Let us see kinds of it below.

Free of virus

Virus is one of the problem of electronic stuff, especially the kind of smartphone. However, here you do not need to worry when you are the users of android. The basic system of android is Linux. The expert says that although you have no antivirus application inside your android phone, your phone will be free from the attacking of the virus. See, how great it is! Now, you do not need to install the kind of antivirus. You just need to clear the cache of it regularly.

Fast development

Android is one of the nice smartphone OS, which has the fast development in its version. Nowadays, the newest development of this OS is the sixth version, called as android marshmallow. The fast development of this OS is nice in order to renew the look, the use and the experience of the users. I am sure that the user of android will find the great new thing, which will make their phone more interesting to be used.

Complete application

The kind of smartphone will have the great work with the use of android. Here, android is nice with their Google Play. Inside the Google Play, you can find million kind of the different app, which you can install based on your need. The kinds of application has nice role to make your smartphone more interesting. In other hand, there are many kinds of the free app, which you can download. You will be free in choosing and using it!

Average price

What make android becomes one of the favorite choice of the people is the average place of it. Yes, I am sure that the price becomes the other consideration when people want to renew their smartphone. With the average price, many people can reach android with the different class of society. It is what make android spread well in society than other kind of smartphone OS.

Android is one of the great choice when you want to have the smartphone. It has some benefits, which can be the reason why you need to choose it.


6 Inspiring Design Ideas for Custom Gaming Desks

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6 Inspiring Design Ideas for Custom Gaming Desks

Today, there are many computers that come with gaming specs. That is why gamers are increased more and more. If you are also a gamer, you should not only buy a gaming computer but also a gaming computer desk. You can find various models of computer desk for gaming at furniture stores so that you can choose one of them based on your desire. However, sometimes you want your desired design. In this case, I suggest you to come to the company or manufacturer and order custom gaming desks. If you are interested in it but do not have any idea, you can consider the following great ideas below.

Custom Gaming Desk for Multitasks

This is the first idea of custom gaming computer desk that you can consider. This computer desk design means that the desk can be used not only for gaming but also other purposes. For example, you want to use the desk for studying, working, etc. In this case, you can consider a computer desk with L shape. The 2 sides allow you to use it for 2 different uses. Even more, U shape allows you to use it for 3 different purposes.

Low Height Custom Gaming Desk

Commonly, gamers play games using a computer by sitting on a chair. The chair should be as comfortable as possible. However, we will not discuss about the chair because sometimes gamers do not like playing on a chair. Some gamers prefer playing games by sitting on the floor. If you also like this, it means you need a computer desk that comes in low height. So, you do not need a chair. It is very rare so that you can order the custom one.

Wide Custom Gaming Desk or 2 Monitors

How many monitors do you need for gaming? Normally, gamers only need a monitor. However, some gamers want or need more 2 monitors. In this case, you need a custom desk. Custom gaming desks for 2 monitors should be designed with a wide surface. The wide surface allows you to place 2 monitors on it. Even though it is rare that gamers want a desk for 2 monitors, you can try ordering this custom desk. However, this custom desk requires you to have a spacious room because it takes much space.

Wide Custom Gaming Desk

Wall Mounted Custom Gaming Desk for Corner

As we know, a gaming desk should be designed as strongly and steadily. That is why a gaming laptop commonly comes with legs. However, some people prefer a custom computer desk for gamers installed on the wall. This is called as wall mounted desk. A custom desk allows you to make your own design including wall mounted desk. So, you can plan the size, material, and other specs or features based on your needs. So, the custom desk will make you feel comfortable and enjoyable to play games.

Custom Gaming Desk with Storage

If you consider a custom desk, you should request a design based on your need. You may find many computer desks with standard design but if you want certain special designs, custom desk will be a good solution. For example, you can order a custom computer desk that comes with storage. The storage should be adjusted to your need. If you need to arrange books, the desk should have a book rack. If you need to store toys, the desk should have toy storage. And you may have your own need.

Custom Gaming Desk with Food Rack

Another best idea of custom computer desk is a desk that comes with food rack. The food rack may be designed on the side or under the surface. It functions to store foods and beverages so that you can eat foods or drink beverages without leaving the place. Of course it is very useful and becomes a good idea. However, this may also require you to have a spacious room. You should also maintain and clean it up every day.

That is all the best ideas of custom gaming desks. There are some other ideas that you may consider. It depends on your desire and need. Hopefully those ideas can inspire and help you to find your desired custom computer desk.

Custom gaming desks allow you to make your own design of computer desk. I share some ideas that hopefully can inspire you all.

Source: computer3g.com

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