Some Benefits of Android besides the Other Os

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Nowadays, android becomes one of the great choice when people want to renew their smartphone. We all know that there are another kind of OS of the smartphone besides android but here android still becomes the favorite of many people. In this occasion, we will talk about some benefits of android besides the other OS of the smartphone. The kind of benefit can be the reason why you need to choose it as your favorite. Let us see kinds of it below.

Free of virus

Virus is one of the problem of electronic stuff, especially the kind of smartphone. However, here you do not need to worry when you are the users of android. The basic system of android is Linux. The expert says that although you have no antivirus application inside your android phone, your phone will be free from the attacking of the virus. See, how great it is! Now, you do not need to install the kind of antivirus. You just need to clear the cache of it regularly.

Fast development

Android is one of the nice smartphone OS, which has the fast development in its version. Nowadays, the newest development of this OS is the sixth version, called as android marshmallow. The fast development of this OS is nice in order to renew the look, the use and the experience of the users. I am sure that the user of android will find the great new thing, which will make their phone more interesting to be used.

Complete application

The kind of smartphone will have the great work with the use of android. Here, android is nice with their Google Play. Inside the Google Play, you can find million kind of the different app, which you can install based on your need. The kinds of application has nice role to make your smartphone more interesting. In other hand, there are many kinds of the free app, which you can download. You will be free in choosing and using it!

Average price

What make android becomes one of the favorite choice of the people is the average place of it. Yes, I am sure that the price becomes the other consideration when people want to renew their smartphone. With the average price, many people can reach android with the different class of society. It is what make android spread well in society than other kind of smartphone OS.

Android is one of the great choice when you want to have the smartphone. It has some benefits, which can be the reason why you need to choose it.


6 Inspiring Design Ideas for Custom Gaming Desks

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6 Inspiring Design Ideas for Custom Gaming Desks

Today, there are many computers that come with gaming specs. That is why gamers are increased more and more. If you are also a gamer, you should not only buy a gaming computer but also a gaming computer desk. You can find various models of computer desk for gaming at furniture stores so that you can choose one of them based on your desire. However, sometimes you want your desired design. In this case, I suggest you to come to the company or manufacturer and order custom gaming desks. If you are interested in it but do not have any idea, you can consider the following great ideas below.

Custom Gaming Desk for Multitasks

This is the first idea of custom gaming computer desk that you can consider. This computer desk design means that the desk can be used not only for gaming but also other purposes. For example, you want to use the desk for studying, working, etc. In this case, you can consider a computer desk with L shape. The 2 sides allow you to use it for 2 different uses. Even more, U shape allows you to use it for 3 different purposes.

Low Height Custom Gaming Desk

Commonly, gamers play games using a computer by sitting on a chair. The chair should be as comfortable as possible. However, we will not discuss about the chair because sometimes gamers do not like playing on a chair. Some gamers prefer playing games by sitting on the floor. If you also like this, it means you need a computer desk that comes in low height. So, you do not need a chair. It is very rare so that you can order the custom one.

Wide Custom Gaming Desk or 2 Monitors

How many monitors do you need for gaming? Normally, gamers only need a monitor. However, some gamers want or need more 2 monitors. In this case, you need a custom desk. Custom gaming desks for 2 monitors should be designed with a wide surface. The wide surface allows you to place 2 monitors on it. Even though it is rare that gamers want a desk for 2 monitors, you can try ordering this custom desk. However, this custom desk requires you to have a spacious room because it takes much space.

Wide Custom Gaming Desk

Wall Mounted Custom Gaming Desk for Corner

As we know, a gaming desk should be designed as strongly and steadily. That is why a gaming laptop commonly comes with legs. However, some people prefer a custom computer desk for gamers installed on the wall. This is called as wall mounted desk. A custom desk allows you to make your own design including wall mounted desk. So, you can plan the size, material, and other specs or features based on your needs. So, the custom desk will make you feel comfortable and enjoyable to play games.

Custom Gaming Desk with Storage

If you consider a custom desk, you should request a design based on your need. You may find many computer desks with standard design but if you want certain special designs, custom desk will be a good solution. For example, you can order a custom computer desk that comes with storage. The storage should be adjusted to your need. If you need to arrange books, the desk should have a book rack. If you need to store toys, the desk should have toy storage. And you may have your own need.

Custom Gaming Desk with Food Rack

Another best idea of custom computer desk is a desk that comes with food rack. The food rack may be designed on the side or under the surface. It functions to store foods and beverages so that you can eat foods or drink beverages without leaving the place. Of course it is very useful and becomes a good idea. However, this may also require you to have a spacious room. You should also maintain and clean it up every day.

That is all the best ideas of custom gaming desks. There are some other ideas that you may consider. It depends on your desire and need. Hopefully those ideas can inspire and help you to find your desired custom computer desk.

Custom gaming desks allow you to make your own design of computer desk. I share some ideas that hopefully can inspire you all.

Source: computer3g.com

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